What I Teach

We are a TJEd (Thomas Jefferson Education) family! I follow the Kindred Learning Four Year Plan and love every minute of it! I am trying to keep my young childrens life as carefree right now as possible, we just want to have some fun being 'normal kids'! I am creating an Eternal Family who loves to learn and grow and just be together. It's all about LOVE.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We love to go hiking with our nature journals! My mom watched Kenny for me so we could go on this more difficult hike. Thanks Mom! Silly Mountain has a great botanical walk with signs and all! It was perfect.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nature Hike

The Weather was so perfect for a Hike today so I couldn't resist taking school outside. We saw some pottery at the State Park that was from 800- 1000 AD and learned about the old Miners that lived in these mountains that are buried just behind this hill. Audree had her nature journal and drew some pictures and descriptions of her favorite things. We got to hold a chuckwalla and see a scorpion under a blacklight. The snakes were all hiding but the Gila Monster poked his little head out for us. Desert animals are all scary looking! It's all about survival out here. This is all at the San Tan Mountain Park. I hope that we can go to the Lost Dutchmen Park next week and maybe see the bats there.

HIP Market

Last Friday was the H.I.P. Market! We had a such a great time. This is a market only run by children. It was so cute to see all their creative ideas and yummy treats. It was clear that the children spent a lot of time and effort into their businesses. We didn't have a business this year but the kids said they definitely want to do one next year. I alloted each of them $3.50 to spend at the market an what ever they wanted. Audree got her hair done, nails painted, a cookie, lemonade and a cupcake. Ethan bought a handmade crossbow, a balloon animal, lemonade and a turn to launch a bottle rocket. They had so much fun! and we won in the raffle! We won patriotic sheet music with a CD written by a fellow homeschooler in the area. I'm loving it so far and can't wait for the kids to learn the preamble and a bunch of wonderful new LDS songs! I love the community we have out here. Everyone is so inviting and inspiring!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Busy Busy

I've started reading Pocketful of Pinecones last night. I am really interested how this idea will pan out. I have heard rave reviews of its homeschool ideas and I do LOVE Charlotte Mason. So I think I need some nature journals, and the weather is perfect right now to start some outdoor exploring. The only problem with it is that I only have about 5 months out of the year that I can stand to be outside for very long, bummer.
I am still so new to homeschooling and there is sooo much to read and consider in making a weekly/monthly/yearly plan for my family. I hope that I can combine all my favorite things about all the techniques and curriculum to make the perfect fit for us, but first I have to read it all! I am enjoying it though. It feels like it's just what I should be doing right now. So while I am figuring everything out we are just having lots of fun reading, playing, cooking, and growing together!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

We love Halloween in our family and, even if you ask the kids, we say the best part is getting to dress up as a family. I hope I can always get away with a family theme even when they're older. This year it was "Peter Pan". I made my own dress from a super easy pattern and costume satin ($5), I'm Wendy. I made Clark's coat from his old high school graduation cloak and some scraps of drapery fabric, He's Captain Hook. His hat is from Ethan's costume a few years ago when he was Jack Sparrow. Audree is Tinkerbell with a green dress and a few accessories from the dollar store. Ethan is Peter with a cut up shirt from the dollar store and a hat we found at a costume shop for $4. Kenton is Michael in a pink jammie with a little bear sewn on to the sleeve, ($0.) I love to be frugal, even if it's out of necessity.
I have heard a few homeschool mothers say that they would not celebrate Halloween at all in their homes because of what it means today. I completely respect their decisions and right to do so, but I also think that you can make it mean whatever you choose to make it mean in your own home. I talk to the kids about why we have the holiday and what it used to mean. Every holiday, if you go back far enough, has something to do with Christ or God. It's a great lesson! So we carve pumpkins because it's fun and messy and something new to try.
Happy Fall!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We love the Phoenix Zoo! and they just finished their Koala exhibit so we had to go and see Koala's for the first time today! The best part was that we can go in the middle of the week so there were no lines and no crowds to deal with. Just another great reason I love homeschooling.